Saturday, November 25, 2006

Then, now and WHEN?

We've seen a couple of posts about our lives some years back and it is always so entertaining to see everyone's photos. Starting with Maureen Francis & Dmitry Koublitsky's Time for True Confessions , and also Jeff Belonger's How those years fly by. What did you look like 20 years ago...???

I decided to look at Rick and me 14 years ago at our wedding and see if there's such a huge difference - Judge for yourself, other than my huge eyebrows and Rick having a little more hair, I don't think the change is that huge.
So maybe physically we have not changed much but how have we really changed, psychologically, financially, emotionally? If you look back 14-15 years ago, are you standing in the same place? Have you achieved a lot of your goals, has your life taken a totally unexpected turn. Are you happy in your shoes?
Rick and I have read numerous books on business plans, goal setting, tracking and keeping, self improvement, have done seminars (including Tony Robbins' "Unleash the Power within") - but in order to look ahead, it is crucial to look back and to see what you have accomplished, or not. It's important to look back and to scrutinize big changes in your life and see why you made certain decisions and where you could be if things would have been done differently.
If you can look back and analyze your goals and your decision making, then you can look ahead and make the necessary changes to be in the place you want to be. The end of the year is always a good place to reflect and decide on changes, but remember that you don't have to wait to January 1st to start.
Where were you 15 years ago? Where will you be 15 years from now?