Sunday, February 12, 2006

What does it mean when we include "REALTOR - ACCOUNTANT - ARCHITECT" in our marketing???
It does not mean that we are marketing our professions at the same time that we are marketing our real estate services. We are full-time Realtors and it means, that as professionals, we have an extra edge to offer our customers that most Realtors don't.
Ines is an architect (Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Miami) and Rick is an Accountant (Bachelors in Business Administration from The University of Central Florida, and Master's of Accounting from Nova Southeastern University) as well as a Florida State Certified Mortgage Broker. We offer complimentary accounting and architectural consulting services exclusively to our real estate clients, at no extra cost.
Ines will sit with you with floor plans and help you re-distribute space, help you choose colors, or give ideas on what a future master suite might look like. Ines will even "Feng-Shui" a home that has sat on the market for a while and will help it sell quickly.
Rick will offer knowledge on current mortgage programs, capital gains taxes, 1031-exchanges and can help analyze financials for commercial real estate transactions and other investment type purchases.
Full Service Real Estate Services, wouldn't you say?