Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reality Check - truth hurts

What happens when a good friend wants to sell their home but you know they will lose money if they sell now? Just last week we were invited to do a listing presentation by friends and neighbors. As soon as we pulled their tax information we knew they would lose money with this transaction.

We hoped there was a discrepancy in the tax roll with regards to the size of the house, we hoped they had not put a lot of money into it, we hoped we had made a mistake and could give them the information they wanted to hear.

Although their house ended up being 200 square feet bigger than the tax roll shows, we did what any ethical real estate agent would do, we presented reality. Reality that would not be welcomed and would be combated with objections......READ MORE

Thursday, February 15, 2007

TRUST YOUR REALTOR - South Florida Real Estate Market

Our goal with this blog is challenging. Although we are Realtors and we do sell properties, we want our customers to trust us and to know that we represent their best interest. We have established a great reputation and hope to convey that message to our readers. I want to thank Rebecca Blood who has inspired me into writing more in depth about what we do with the idea of establishing a clear road of communication where we can dialogue openly and honestly about our market.

Rick and I specialize in the South Florida Real Estate Market, specifically The Miami Shores and surrounding areas. We work with sellers for the most part but also work with a limited amount of buyers, buyers that we can offer our time and effort because they are loyal.......READ MORE

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tour Miami Shores, Florida

You have heard us talk about Miami Shores, Florida a bunch of times and you are still wondering what the big deal is. Rick and I live, work and play in Miami Shores. It is our home and we would not change it for anything.
Miami Shores has something for everyone. Its civic buildings include, Village Hall, Brockway Memorial Library, The Police Department, The Fire Department, The field house and community center. .....READ MORE

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